Unleash a whole new world of Trust and Connection when you implement these five paradigm-shifting techniques!

THIS COURSE is for horse owners, riders, trainers, & lovers interested in developing the healthiest and most mutually rewarding relationship possible with every horse.

It requires Change.

Personal Growth.

Being Our Best Selves...

Since I published this first book...

I've received countless emails requesting how-to Video demonstrations for implementing each agreement.

This course is my answer to your ASK.

It's a work-in-progress, but I made the decision to make it available to you now, rather than making you wait for the 'finished product.'

I will continue to add modules and lessons until you have step-by-step videos for each Agreement, and examples with various horses to learn from.

As the course content grows, the price will increase, but if you enroll now, you will get LIFETIME access to all current content and future course updates!

You deserve to be empowered and embodied, and your horse deserves the best version of you...

I hope that I can be a part of your journey to becoming more connected with horses. 

See you on the inside!

- Alissa

Here's what you get in the course:

  • 1


    • A message from your instructor...

    • Ebook: How to Invite an Interspecies Dialogue - The Five Agreements of A Somatic Approach to Horsemanship™

  • 2

    The 5th Agreement: Speak Clearly & Listen

    • Intro to Phasing & Phrasing, and How to Use a Reset - Doc (20 minutes)

    • Phasing & Phrasing with a Green Horse - Marco (12 minutes)

  • 3

    Introducing a New Horse to the 5 Agreements of ASATH

    • Inviting an Interspecies Dialogue - Selena (32 minutes)

    • Clarifying Boundaries - Selena (22 minutes)

    • Coaching the Owner - Selena & Sherry (14 minutes)

  • 4

    Problem Solving

    • From Bad Attitude to Best Self (11 minutes)

    • Intro to Somatic Hoof Handling (8 minutes)

    • Fostering Cooperation w/ Somatic Hoof Handling (42 minutes)

  • 5

    Bonus Video Lessons

    • Circling with Rio - Confident/Dominant QH Gelding

    • Backing with Rio - Confident/Dominant QH Gelding

  • 6

    Next Steps...

    • More resources for you

    • Before you go...

This Course is a Game-Changer...

I guarantee it, or I'll give you back every cent of the enrollment fee!

I know that the how-to lessons in this course are going to immediately take you to new levels of connection and trust with your horse - the communication strategy Phasing & Phrasing from Agreement #5 ALONE is going to blow your mind! If not, just email me and request a refund within 30 days, no worries. (The course includes the ebook, btw.)

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Unleash a whole new world of Trust and Connection when you implement these five paradigm-shifting techniques!

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