Yes, you can change your body in 7 days (or less)!

By training your body-mind, your body-image, and your body awareness...

I know your riding instructor, coach and/or trainer want you to:

• Sit up and pull your shoulders back, but

• Don't hollow your back

• Keep your legs long with good 'thigh contact' and

• Keep your toes pointed forward, but don't grip with your knees

• Follow the horses movement, but

• Keep your hands still, and

• Smile while sitting the trot...

And I also know that you DO hear them, when they share (shout?) their instructions - so you know in your mind what you are supposed to do...

But it's so hard to keep it all going at once, because every time you shift your focus, you slide back into your old habits and poor posture... or because doing it 'right' HURTS!

Well, what if more hours in the saddle, the gym or stretching isn't the answer?

What if there was a way to access the part of your brain that controls posture, bad riding habits and restricted range-of-motion?

What if there was a gentle, easy approach to reprogramming your tension into suppleness so you could 'flow with the go'?

There is! And as a riding instructor and lifetime student of the horse myself, I think I've found the missing link...

There is a solution that has helped thousands of people all over the world to get out of pain and to thrive in sport and life...

It's called Hanna Somatics.

Hi, I'm Alissa Mayer

And this is my heart-horse Doc A'Nalu

I have been the mind-body instructor, interspecies-relationship advisor and Hanna Somatic Educator to dressage trainers, international clinicians, Olympians, dancers, fitness instructors, horsemanship gurus, business owners, grandmothers, recreational horse riders, and thousands of people around the world wanting to be more supple and pain-free. I have something special to share with you today.
Alissa Mayer, Certified Equine Hanna Somatics Educator

This Intro Course is based on my most popular mat classes from teaching clinics all over the US, Canada and in 7 EU countries (so far).

Inside, I'm going to teach you how to gently work through your whole body to find and start re-programming tension and stiffness into true neutral, in less than an hour!

Here's what you'll discover:

✔ The 9 most effective exercises I recommend to EVERY rider/athlete.

✔ How to get the maximum Benefits from these exercises.

✔ Why you should be doing this daily, instead of yoga, stretching or core strengthening.

✔ How to be Mindful and really Feel your growing body awareness.

✔ And a whole lot more!

"Dear Alissa -

I have been talking about you up here... Remember that spot on my upper back that had been injured by a chiro and that had hurt me for years? Well, it has NOT HURT since the night you took me through your intro class. THANK YOU!!!"

jAN Brooks - Happy Horse, Happy Life Coach - Ontario, Canada

On this audio and video training we'll cover how to access your natural reflexes of Self-Care.

You can use these techniques to get pain relief, become a more supple rider, and even to get more connected with your horse!

You are about to learn how to unwind chronic tension and pain to reveal your inner athlete.

Heck, I even show you how to quickly turn off a muscle spasm or cramp using two simple 'physiology hacks' that anyone can do!

In fact, here's just a sample of what we'll cover on this incredible audio and video training event:

• How to harness the power of your Brain to unwind your patterns of tension and pain

• Use this strategy anytime, anywhere, whenever you need to relax, feel and perform at your best

• How to let go of the habits that control your posture and prevent you from sitting 'correctly' on a horse

• Find True Neutral to access your full range-of-motion and strength to make great riding feel effortless

• How to use these strategies to help your horse let go of tension too!

• Help your horse feel and function better, so you can be a better and more harmonious team

• How to create a daily practice to maintain your results and relaxation

• Be empowered to address your current patterns of tension or trauma, AND to prevent future tension from affecting your posture or becoming pain - all without stretching, drugs, breaking a sweat, or having to pay a bunch of money on expensive "treatments" that don’t really last.

... and much, MUCH More!

Don't miss this breakthrough audio and video training that will finally show you how to get rid of 'poor posture' and old habits once and for all... and to ditch your pain and stiffness so you can immediately start to ride like you were born to ride. (or walk, dance and run!)

What students are saying:

Highly Recommended!

Felicitas von Neumann-Cosel, Dressage Trainer/Instructor - Maryland, USA

I recommend Hanna Somatics to all my students and have seen it make a great difference in their balance, posture and ability to follow a horses movement with their hips. (from Dressage Today)

"Truly Amazing!"

Aimee Brimhall McCord, Inspirational Horse - Tennessee, USA

"The sessions with Alissa were truly amazing! After working with her personally for human awareness, I now see how important both the horse AND human sides are! Do it ALL! You won’t regret it!"

I ride EVERY DAY! Thank you!

Susan King, horse owner - Florida, USA

"Dear Alissa, I do the exercises that you taught me every morning. I know it has kept me limber and in shape. I'll be 73 soon, doing well and I RIDE EVERY DAY. Thank you!"

What's included in this Intro Course?

Here's everything you get when you enroll:

  • 6-page eBooklet with photos and written descriptions of the 9 movements from the guided class (value $19)

  • 40-minute guided Full-Body Somatics for Riders mat class. Learn how to do Somatic Movement and how to voluntarily Pandiculate your muscles in this full-body session. (value $75)

  • BONUS #1 - Claim your FREE gifts when you enroll: The 8-Video Series called The Body-Mind Hack - download version (value $97)

  • BONUS #2: Full-length Mat Class on Learning to Control the Muscles of Your Back. This is one of eight in-depth movement classes from my 8-Week Posture Transformation Program Course (value $75)

Just email me any time up to 30 days after your purchase and let me know that you aren't happy, and I'll be happy to refund you the total price.
Somatics for Riders

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • A message from your instructor Alissa

    • How to get around this intro-course

  • 2

    How To Do Somatic Movement

    • How to Get the Maximum Benefits from Somatic Movement

    • EBooklet: Daily Somatics for Full Body Maintenance

  • 3

    Audio-Guided 40-Minute Mat Class

    • 40-Minute Movement Class - The Extended Version of the Daily Maintenance Session

  • 4

    BONUS #1 The Body-Mind Hack 8-Video Series

    • BONUS #1 - Welcome to The Body-Mind Hack: How to do Somatic Movement

    • The Body-Mind Hack 1: Knees & Hips

    • The Body-Mind Hack 2: Back & Breath

    • The Body-Mind Hack 3: Turn Off Muscle Cramps

    • The Body-Mind Hack 4: Neck & Shoulders

    • The Body-Mind Hack 5: Upper Trapezius Release for your HORSE (or dog)

    • The Body-Mind Hack 6: More Shoulder Relief (Levator Scapula muscles)

    • The Body-Mind Hack 7: Finding your Soft Hands

  • 5

    BONUS #2 - Learning to Control the Muscles of your Back (full-length lesson from my PTP Course)

    • Intro to Suppling Your Back (Lesson 1 from the Posture Transformation Program 8-Week Course)

    • PTP Lesson 1: Controlling Your Back Extensors (mat class)

  • 6

    Next Steps...

    • Congrats! More resources for you...

Don't spend another minute feeling stiff in the saddle...

Somatics is the MISSING LINK to easily following the movement of your horse!


  • What is Somatics?

    'Somatics' is short for Hanna Somatics, a revolutionary approach to pain relief and improving the function of your body. Using proven science and a UNIQUE movement-based education process called Voluntary Pandiculation, you can literally re-write your habits and patterns of chronic stress to find true neutral, fast. When you tap into your own natural reflexes of Self-Care, you will start to enjoy the results IMMEDIATELY. ****There are several other methods that now call their work 'somatics' too - so be sure to do your homework before starting any new program. If it doesn't include voluntary pandiculation, then you will not get the results I'm seeing with my students - it's the missing link!

  • Is this course just for equestrians?

    No, it's for everyone! The lessons in this course are designed for every human body - no matter your sport, discipline or lifestyle. This course is especially beneficial for equestrians because we need to use our bodies to communicate with our horses.

  • I don't have back pain, is this course still useful for me?

    YES. First, congrats on not having back pain! 85% of riders complain of stiffness or pain, so you are one of the lucky few. However, you may still have some unconscious muscle tension that is preventing you from performing at your maximum athletic potential and in comfort and ease. This course will teach you to unwind that tension before it becomes pain, and prevent the accumulation of future tension too!

  • I am recovering from an injury/surgery, can I still participate?

    Yes, but when you start depends on your recovery progress. The general recommendation is that you do not begin doing Hanna Somatics until your physician has cleared you to begin physical therapy.

  • How many times can I watch the classes?

    As many times as you want! All my courses come with LIFETIME ACCESS. This means, for as long as I'm offering the course, you are IN! Plus, as I update the lessons and add new materials, you'll get all those too, for no additional cost!

  • Do I need any special equipment?

    Nope! All you need is a computer, tablet or smart phone to access the course, and a comfortable place to lay on the floor to do the mat classes!

  • I already work out, do Yoga and/or Pilates. Do I need Somatics, and how is it any different?

    Somatic Exercises are unlike any other form of exercise. Rather than focusing on the body itself, we are focusing on making changes in the brain and how it controls muscle contractions. Instead of stretching or strengthening the muscles directly, with Hanna Somatics we are changing the instructions that the muscles are receiving from the central nervous system. No other form of exercise or bodywork does this, which is why Hanna Somatics is so unique, so reliable and so effective!

  • Do you have a refund policy?

    Yes! We have a 30-day 100% refund policy. Just email us to request your refund, and tell us why the course isn't working for you, if you feel like sharing. We do ask that you have tried the guided mat class at least 3 times before asking for your refund - because in order to create change in your life, you have to do the work...right?

  • Who is this NOT for?

    If you are happy with your posture and your physical performance, or don't believe there is any way to change your body or get rid of your crookedness or pain, then this course is probably not for you - because I can guarantee that you will see and feel results with this program! That's not my personal opinion either, Hanna Somatics works because it is based on proven science, anatomy and natural reflexes. So if you aren't ready to have your mind blown and your limits lifted, don't enroll in this course!


BONUS: Claim 2 FREE GIFTS with your order!

  • The Body-Mind Hack (8-Video Series)

    BONUS #1: Get the downloadable version of my popular Somatics for Riders CHALLENGE lessons! Learn 7 more simple yet powerful movements to reduce tension and improve range of motion, including one hands-on movement you can share with your horse or dog!

  • Suppling Your Back Muscles (PTP Course Excerpt)

    Bonus #2: A full-length Mat Class on Learning to Control the Muscles of Your Back. This is one of eight in-depth movement classes from my 8-Week Posture Transformation Program Course that sells for $397.

Why Wait? Somatics really works...

You and your horse deserve this - and remember, I'm giving you a worry-free money-back guarantee.

Still reading? There's just one more thing...

For about 70% of my students, the Intro Course is all they need to address their moderate stiffness or asymmetry. If that's not you, and you already know you need a full-body overhaul to address your chronic pain, serious crookedness or to hone your competitive edge, go ahead and enroll in the full 8-Week PTP Course, now. It includes all the Intro Course content, + 8 weeks of transformative Somatic Movement, meditations and mindfulness training AND monthly live mat classes for the life of the program!

  • $37.00

    $37.00SOMATICS FOR RIDERS - The Intro Course

    Includes the Daily Maintenance EBook; the 40-minute Extended Daily Maintenance Mat Class, the Body-Mind Hack (8-video series) and the 1st lesson from the PTP Course!
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  • $397.00

    $397.00SOMATICS FOR RIDERS Posture Transformation Program (PTP)

    A DEEP-DIVE guided exploration of your major muscle groups and tension patterns. Learn to Pandiculate your whole body to achieve and maintain your Effortless Riding Posture! This 8 week course includes all the INTRO Course Content, PLUS the same 30-day money-back guarantee!
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