The Alissa Mayer Course Suite

Welcome to embodiement school (sans the floor-to-ceiling mirrors) where you can sip some coconut water in your riding tights, hang with me, and learn how to hack your brain to actualize your potential and get more connected to your horse, step-by-awesome-step.



HOW TO GET Freedom from stiffness and pain with easy, at-home Pandiculation exercises... Get Supple, Ride Better!

This Intro Course is based on my most popular mat classes from teaching clinics all over the US, Canada and in 7 EU countries (so far). INSIDE, I'm going to teach you how to gently work through your whole body to find and start re-programming your tension and stiffness into Effortless Riding Posture, in less than an hour!

SOMATICS FOR RIDERS: Posture Transformation 8-week Program (PTP)

A DEEP-DIVE guided exploration of your major muscle groups and tension patterns. Learn to Pandiculate your whole body to achieve and maintain your Effortless Riding Posture!

For riders and athletes who want to hone their competitive edge, optimize endurance and actualize athletic potential. Inside, get 8 weeks of targeted Somatic Exercises, Body Awareness Training and Mindfulness lessons. This course is essential for anyone with chronic pain, severe crookedness or persistent stiffness. You don't have to wait, the keys to suppleness are inside you!
Somatics for Riders - Posture Transformation Program with Alissa Mayer

The Five Agreements of A Somatic Approach to Horsemanship™

Unleash a whole new world of Trust and Connection when you implement these five paradigm-shifting techniques!

Become the person that every horse wants to engage with when you learn this heart-centered somatic approach to horses. INSIDE, join me in introducing my Five Agreements to a new horse, get step-by-step instructions for implementing the powerful communication strategy that I call Phasing & Phrasing, and follow along as I troubleshoot 'issues' with different horses...
Alissa Mayer and her horse Doc A'Nalu play at liberty

Equine Hanna Somatics® Session 1 - Instructional Video

HOW TO Help your horse move and feel better by releasing chronic muscle tension to improve posture and performance.

This downloadable instructional video was made for YOU - so you can get hands-on and help your horse Pandiculate to relieve tension, crookedness and pain. EHS is waaaaay beyond 'bodywork' - and will help your horse move more efficiently from the root of all movement, the Brain. INSIDE, learn how to do a Posture Assessment and a basic EHS Session with any horse, in less than an hour!
Equine Hanna Somatics Session 1 - Doc A'Nalu bay horse owned by Alissa Mayer

The Dancing with Horses 30-Day Challenge

Step outside your comfort zone, grow your body awareness, balance & interspecies communication skills while improving your horses confidence, connection and engagement!

Been wanting to do something different with your horse? Learn from professional dancers and somatic educators about movement, creativity and becoming more 'embodied' to take your Liberty and Horsemanship to the next level... INSIDE are four unique modules: Being, Awareness, Movement & Creativity, that will guide you to discover the dancer within you - the Dancer your horse needs you to be!
Dancing with Horses - mustang on the beach

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