My Top 3 Equine Hanna Somatics® Exercises to Help Every Horse


Free your horse from chronic tension in more than 60 muscles in less than 10 minutes! You'll also learn WHY this brain-based approach works so fast and so well! All you have to do is enter your name and email on the next page, and Voila! you will be on your way to helping your horse feel and function better...
Alissa Mayer doing Equine Hanna Somatics with a German Warmblood mare.

Hiya, I'm Alissa Mayer

I'm a Heart-Centered Horse Trainer, Somatic Educator, Writer, Posture Coach, Overachiever, and Mama of twins who brings the silver linings. Wanna hang out?

I want to help you build the skills to be your own equine 'bodyworker' so you can help your horse be happy, healthy, straight and supple. And as a side-perk, you will become closer and more connected to every horse you share these exercises with, starting, well, how about today?